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Military Christian Fellowship of Finland (Päällystön hengellinen säätiö, PHS) was founded in 1957 to coordinate and support financially the voluntary spiritual work carried out within the professional personnel of the Defence Forces and the Frontier Guard.

PHS publishes spiritual writings and organizes the annual weekend conference in September and smaller spiritual gatherings in garrisons. In the summer and winter, weekend retreats are organized for families. For the young professional soldiers and military academy students there are weekend events. PHS supports the formation of garrison level Bible and conversation groups. PHS represents Finland in international AMCF and other circles as the MCF of Finland. Cooperation with the military chaplains is close at all levels.

PHS does not attempt to become a “military congregation” or a spiritual home for those involved in its activities. It is rather a working community for those in the military who wish to bring the message of Gospel to their colleagues.

PHS is a foundation with a board and some functionaries. The functionaries in different parts of the country voluntarily strive to carry out the mission of PHS, taking the Gospel to the professional military personnel and their families. Officially PHS is situated in Helsinki. In practice, the activities are led and coordinated from the posts of the board members and the functionaries. Naturally, their addresses change with transfers and related household moves.

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